07. December 2023

Jakob builds a suspension bridge in St. Moritz

A new suspension bridge for St. Moritz: Jakob Rope Systems was commissioned to plan, supply and install the lightweight structure made of steel ropes and Webnet. Another bridge construction project in which our Webnet is integrated as a safety and load-bearing structure.

The vacation resort of St. Moritz has one more attraction. A new suspension bridge made of Jakob stainless steel ropes and Webnet has been crossing a gorge on the Waterfall Promenade hiking trail since the end of November 2023. The suspension bridge has been open to pedestrians since December 2023.

The new bridge has a span of 17.2 meters and crosses the stream Ovel da la Resgia. The municipality of St. Moritz is replacing the existing wooden crossing as part of the renovation of the Waterfall Promenade hiking trail.

In collaboration with Caprez Ingenieure AG (Silvaplana) and the construction company Nicol. Hartmann & Cie. AG (St. Moritz), Jakob Rope Systems was able to plan and deliver the complete offer for the construction of the suspension bridge. Our services for this project included:

  • Design and static dimensioning
  • Work and assembly planning
  • Delivery and assembly of the entire bridge structure including bracing frames


The construction of the suspension bridge consists of four suspension ropes in the form of open stainless steel spiral ropes with Forte fittings. Two suspension ropes at the bottom each have a diameter of 26 millimeters and two suspension ropes at the top each have a diameter of 22 millimeters. The suspension ropes run over three transverse yokes and are anchored in the bridge abutments on both sides via the steel bracing brackets. The bridge longitudinal girder consists of stainless steel folded profiles with transversely arranged wooden planks.

The Webnet works as a static element and transfers loads from the walkway to the upper suspension ropes and is therefore arranged vertically (vertical meshes). This eliminates the need for additional suspension ropes and reduces the dimensions of the longitudinal bridge girder. Two bracing ropes, each with a diameter of 10 millimeters, are installed to stiffen the bridge and transfer wind loads.


Technical details:

  • 2 top suspension ropes: Ø 22 mm, open spiral ropes 1x19, Forte fittings
  • 2 bottom suspension ropes: Ø 26 mm, open spiral ropes 1x37, Forte fittings
  • 2 bracing ropes: Ø 10 mm, round strand rope 6x19
  • Webnet: each side is made of one piece, 2 mm rope diameter, 60 mm mesh width, vertical meshes

Client: Municipality of St. Moritz
Planning and site management: Caprez Ingenieure AG
Foundation and construction work: Nicol. Hartmann & Cie AG
Design / installation / bridge building: Jakob Rope Systems