Four examples of stainless steel architectural ropes and end connections by Jakob Rope Systems

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Architectural Ropes

Wire ropes are multifunctional and versatile components that allow technically and esthetically outstanding architectural solutions.

With our enormous range of wire ropes, end terminations and accessories we can offer solutions to almost every architectural challenge. Whether it’s stays, trusses, railing ropes, rope structures, artwork, facade greening – there is a suitable part for every architectural application for steel cables.

Our stainless steel cables are precision manufactured from marine grade stainless steel, which gives them durability and a timeless look. Together with a large variety of end terminations the possible combinations are truly endless.

Wire ropes can absorb tensile forces extremely well, are easy to handle and cost-efficient. They feature in a huge range of architectural applications with steel cables from Jakob Rope Systems being found in projects ranging from cable suspensions and facade greening to balustrade infills.

Stainless steel cables require almost no maintenance and keep their look for a long time. This makes them also ideally suited for decorative uses.

The quality of our wire rope products is matched by our service. We offer advice and support during all stages of your project, from engineering and statics to installation and maintenance of rope and cable structures.

Stranded wires, wire ropes, rods

Our range of stranded wires and wire ropes for architecture comprises stainless steel cables in diameters from 0.62 mm up to 26 mm in different construction methods:

  • single-strand constructions: 1 × 7, 1 × 19, 1 × 37
  • wire ropes with wire core: 6 × 7 + WC, 6 × 19 + WC, 6 × 36 + WC
  • wire ropes with fiber core: 6 × 36 + FC, 8 × 7 + FC
  • We manufacture inox rods in diameters from 5.3 to 21.9 diametres with optional external threads and wrench flats.


External and internal threads

Wire ropes and rods can be assembled with thread ends in different designs and configurations, including:

  • standard external and internal thread ends, swaged
  • Vissline external thread ends
  • Univiss Plus external thread ends


End stops and fittings

End stops in different configurations help to attach the wire ropes to posts. With our enormous range of fittings, wire ropes can be attached to almost any supporting structure:

  • radiused head ends
  • clamp rings
  • post fittings
  • eye ends
  • Variball system


Turnbuckles, clevis ends and eye ends

Cable and tie rod assemblies should have a tensioning device at least on one end. If this is not possible, we supply a range of turnbuckles that can be inserted between the ends.

Clevis and eye ends can be attached to cable assemblies to attach them to eye brackets or other anchoring.

Our Forte program consists of external threads, turnbuckles and elegantly designed clevises for heavy loads.

Products    Forte program

Anchoring Systems

We supply different anchors to attach wire rope assemblies to walls, wood, steel posts or other structures.


Wire rope assemblies and loops

We stock a vast range :

  • different assembly lengths
  • with internal or external threads
  • swaged loops with thimbles or threads
  • loop clamps
  • Wire ropes are assembled according to customer needs or delivered in bulk according to customer needs.


Rope clamps

Rope clamps attach intersecting wire ropes to each other. They increase the stability of wire rope figures. We supply clamps for up to three ropes.

Clamps can also be used to attach suspension ropes to posts and other supports.




Catalog Basic 6 (PDF)

Be creative: find out how with the Jakob Basic 6 programme, our inox range for architectural applications. Our 220-page master catalogue shows you smart solutions.

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Brochure Structural measures to ­safeguard buildings (PDF)

Structural security solutions for buildings, bridges, towers, viewing platforms and railway systems.

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Catalog Forte T1 (PDF)

The Forte product line combines high-quality ropes and tension rod systems. This creates a wide range of combinable components with uniform dimensions.

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Catalog GreenSolutions G2 Technical (PDF)

The program is presented in two parts. The catalog GreenSolutions Technical contains all wire rope products with their technical information for your greening project.

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ETA Certificate stainless steel tension components

Jakob Rope Systems offers approval valid throughout Europe for a large number of products from the Forte series and from the range of forks and external threads swaged. This is confirmed by the ETA certificate 21/0536.

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Brochure Radiused head rope (PDF)

For railings and barriers: radiused head rope for quick on-site assembly.

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Catalog Self-Assembly A1 (PDF)

The Jakob Self-Assembly collection contains a range of ropes and end fittings which can be assembled on-site.

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