Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stainless steel meets COR-TEN steel

Bicycle bridge, Amsterdam

Apart from timeless design and unobstructed views, our Webnet frames also assure safety. 

The cycle bridge next to the airport Schiphol crosses the 16 lane motorway between Amsterdam and The Hague. The use of COR-TEN steel turns the bridge into a landmark and at the same time reduces maintenance costs. This corresponds with the use of Webnet Frames as a fall prevention. The Frames with their unobtrusive stainless steel nets are equally low in maintenance, although the visual contrast between the two kinds of steel could not be a bigger.

The frames fit also perfectly into the demanding construction concept of the bridge. To reduce the impact on the highway traffic, all single parts were produced off site, carried to the construction site and lifted into place within 17 minutes. Jakob Rope Systems supplied the Frames on specified dimensions and complete with Webnet infills. On place, they could be easily installed within minutes.

Jakob products

Webnet Frames classic, tube diameter Ø 26.9 mm, Webnet Ø 2 mm, mesh 40 mm