Bern, Switzerland

A transparent school

Schulhaus Bern-Brünnen

As much transparency as possible – this was the aim of the new school building in Bern’s Brünnen neighbourhood. That‘s why the architects chose Webnet for several different applications.

The school house in Bern’s new urban development area Brünnen features a modern, transparent architectural style. The outer façade’s glass finish give the building a certain lightness. The balustrade along the playground out of Webnet Frames corresponds with the style of the windows and the sleeveless Webnet used here provides the desired aesthetic appearance. Similarly beautiful is the ball stop fence out of Webnet, which surrounds the playground of the school yard. Here, another quality makes the stainless steel mesh shine: because the cables are joined tightly together, there is almost no noise at all when a ball hits the net. Finally, Webnet was used to cover the lightwells above the windows in the basement floor. Again, the high translucency of the wire rope net was crucial, in combination with its incredible robustness and strength. Daylight can get into the basement, while the lightwells are reliably protected against falls.