Laax, Switzerland, 2021

Webnet on the treetop path in Laax

Graubünden is home to one of the longest treetop trails in the world. With a length of 1.56 kilometres and a height of 28 metres, the "Senda dil Dragun" is a unique natural experience. Jakob Rope Systems was allowed to integrate the stainless steel net Webnet for this project.

Initial situation and concept:

A long footbridge leads 1.56 kilometres through the middle of the forest in Laax. Here visitors can experience the spruces, firs and pines of the Laax forest from an unusual perspective at a height of 2 to 28 metres. Sometimes at eye level with the tops of the mountain forest and in other places close above the forest floor where young trees and ferns grow.

The "Senda dil Dragun" (Dragon Path) has a Rhaeto-Romanic name and its dimensions make it one of the longest treetop paths in the world. Some other trails in the world are longer, but they touch the ground. Not like the path in Laax. Supported on stilts, the Senda dil Dragun floats continuously above the forest floor.

The project in Laax creates a special experience of nature and sensitizes visitors to the forest and its inhabitants on the path created. Hidden between the trees, the dragon path winds its way through the landscape along as natural a line as possible. In doing so, the path shows consideration for the tree population. Visible from afar are the two ascent towers in Laax Murschetg and Laax Dorf. The towers are 37 and 27 metres high.

Design and implementation:

For the railings, towers and barrier fences of the tree top walk, the planners of the project were looking for a transparent, lightweight and high-quality element as infill and fall protection. The stainless steel mesh Webnet fulfils exactly these requirements. As a filigree structure, Webnet offers great tensioning force and sufficient flexibility. The net is weatherproof through all seasons, extremely hard-wearing and requires virtually no maintenance. An ideal solution for the construction of a forest path.

Jakob Rope Systems delivered the individual nets to Laax, cut to size. A total of around 3,200 square meters of Webnet were installed there. The longest individual Webnet element is around 60 meters long. All Webnet elements are integrated into round tube frame constructions. The treetop path is also accessible to visitors in winter. In order not to damage the Webnet elements during snow clearing work, protective skirting boards were installed along the railings.

For the integration of the Webnet elements into the overall construction project, Jakob Rope Systems worked together with the architects from Hofmann & Durisch (Flims Dorf). The metal construction work was carried out by the company Ragettli Metallbau AG (Flims Dorf).

Details and dimensions:

  • A total of over 3,000 m2 of Webnet was installed (Ø 1.5 mm rope, mesh size 40 mm).
  • Over 25,000 m of binding rope (Ø 2 mm, 6 × 7 + WC) was required for the installation
  • Over 120 assembly days on site

Jakob products and services:

  • Technical planning of railing fillings / Webnet integration
  • Production, delivery, assembly