10. March 2023

Jakob Saigon: E-scooter fleet launches

Jakob Rope Systems provides e-scooters to employees in Vietnam. With the fleet of twelve e-scooters, we support e-mobility and want to contribute to the reduction of traffic-related emissions.

Since the beginning of March, twelve e-scooters have been available for use at our Jakob Saigon factory. With the new fleet of e-scooters, we want to make a contribution to reducing traffic-related emissions in the vicinity of our factory in Vietnam.

The most common means of transportation in Ho Chi Minh City are motor scooters. The city's approximately 8.9 million inhabitants use around 8 million motorized two-wheelers. Our employees at Jakob Saigon also use motor scooters to get to and from work.

Here we see a starting point to support our employees with modern e-scooters, which they can charge daily for free at our factory with solar power. The more employees discover and use the advantages of our company-owned e-mobility, the greater our contribution to reducing traffic-related emissions in Ho Chi Minh City.

With photovoltaics on the roofs of our factory, we produce around 1 million kilowatt hours of solar power a year. That's more than we need for our production at the site. So why not make the surplus electricity available for e-vehicles used by our employees?

We are now looking at how our employees in Vietnam are responding to the offer of the first twelve e-scooters. If the offer works well, we will consider the purchase of further e-vehicles.