Stainless Steelframe with webnet wire mesh

Webnet made simple


Frames consist of Webnet pre-installed into stainless steel profiles, making installation quick and easy.

As safety fences or balcony railings Webnet Frames combine beauty with efficiency. The assembly of Webnet on site is a matter minutes: the Frames are supplied with the suitable holes, Frame holders and clips as needed and can simply be screwed on to the structure. 

Webnet Frames can be ordered in standard shapes and profiles or are fabricated according to customer needs. The elasticity of Webnet makes it exceptionally well suited for the most diverse geometries. With options to paint all Frame profiles and Webnet infills in most colours of the RAL Classic color palette, the possibilities for design accents are endless!

On stairways, Webnet Frames offer both stability and guidance as well as safety when employed as a delicate railing infill. They also serve well as room divider design elements. As a greening element, they provide a visual distinctiveness either on facades or when free-standing. As a complement to architectural environments, they function as a dividing element on airport or court buildings or offer protection above glass walls.

All Frames are crafted to suit your requirements and made of high-grade stainless steel. Like all Webnet products, Webnet Frames are authorized for the use as a horizontal and vertical fall prevention by the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) under the approval number Z-14.7-557.

Webnet Frames Classic

Webnet Frames Classic are made of stainless steel round tubes in various diameters. The lacing rope which secures the wire rope net in place is wound visibly around the frame. This frame type enables the use of virtually all shapes and net types, is cost-effective and stable.

Webnet Frames Inviss-R

On Webnet Frames Inviss, the lacing rope lies within the slotted frame profile and is therefore not visible. This lends the frame a very elegant and aesthetic appearance. Inviss-R designates frames with slotted round tubes. 

Webnet Frames Inviss-C

Analogous to the Webnet Frames Inviss-R, the Webnet Frames Inviss-C utilize a rectangular or square profile.

Attachment of Webnet Frames

Webnet Frames are optionally available with through hole, flowdrill internal thread or different kinds of frameholders and clamps.

Colored Frames

Optionally, we can deliver Webnet Frames with a paint coating based on the RAL-Classic color palette. Please refer to our technical information sheet on spectral coloring and wet paint coating.


Catalog Frames F2 Technical (PDF)

The Webnet Frames programme is presented in two parts. In the Frames F2 Technical brochure, we show you the products and provide technical information.

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Catalog Frames F2 References (PDF)

The Webnet Frames programme is presented in two parts. In the Frames F2 References brochure, you will find many real-world applications.

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DIBt Homologation Webnet Z-14.7-557

Webnet is homologated by the German institute for structural engineering (DIBt) for the use as a horizontal and vertical fall prevention (No. Z-14.7-557).

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Assembly instructions Webnet (PDF)

For the correct installation of Webnet and the lacing rope on site

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