Noisy-le-Grand, France, 2010

Transparent façade protection with Webnet Frames

Shopping Center Les Arcades

The individually shaped Webnet Frames in different geometries protect the glass ceiling without compromising translucency.

The aim of the glas roof structure, newly built in 2010, was to bring more natural light on the shop level of the existing center. To extend the life span of the high-tech insulated and self-cleaning windows, they were covered by Webnet Frames. Jakob Rope Systems tailor-made the frames and installed them in a steel structure that arches over the glass roof. The translucent nets protect the façade, for example against stones, without compromising the primary aim of the structure. In the configuration used here, the stainless steel mesh Webnet achieves a translucency of almost 90 per cent. From the inside, only attentive shoppers can spot the net through the glass ceiling.

Jakob products

615 Webnet Frames Classic Ø 33.4 mm, Webnet-rope Ø 1.5 mm, mesh aperture 30 mm, 2500 square metres