Sydney, Australia, 2022

Webnet facade combines art and safety

Jakob Webnet spans the facade of a new parking lot at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney. The project combines safety and aesthetics. A colorful artwork is integrated as part of the design.

Initial situation:

The design of the facade of a multi-storey parking garage in Sidney was solved by our Australian partner Tensile Design & Construct with Webnet and art. The new parking garage offers space for 500 vehicles on seven levels. The architects' (Fitzpatrick Partners) concept called for: Webnet to be used as a supporting structure for an installation by artist Bibi Barba.


For the installation, more than 1800 individual parts were laid across the facade in a kind of mosaic. The circular petals represent the coming together of a community. The colors reflect peace, harmony and cultural identity.

Our partner, Tensile Design & Construct, worked closely with clients, architects and the artist to realize their vision and to implement fabrication and installation. A total of 6500 square meters of Webnet manufactured by Jakob Rope Systems was installed. The Webnet is supported by stainless steel ropes.

The advantages:

  • Robust safety barrier that remains virtually transparent and is approved by building authorities
  • Webnet as load-bearing facade for greenery or for artistic elements
  • Open facade area of over 90% – for natural ventilation and the elimination of an expensive air exchange system
  • Quick installation – in this case it took only four weeks to complete
  • Relatively low effort in terms of maintenance and care


(Source: Tensile Design & Construct)
(Photos: Guy Wilkinson)