The products of Jakob Rope Systems are known for their versatility and stability. Accordingly, they cover a wide scope of applications. Our products can be used everywhere, where safety, reliability, durability and esthetics are key considerations.

Suspension Cable Systems

Elegant and reliable support with cables by Jakob Rope Systems

Our range of cables, wire meshes, end terminations and corresponding parts allows to create elegant and efficient suspension installations.

Bridge Safety

Inconspicuous safety solutions

Bridges are a part of our civilization, the architecture of transportation routes, and of everyday beauty. They need to be safe and remain safe.


Jakob Rope Systems enables green facades

Jakob Rope Systems wire ropes and end terminations, as well as Webnet wire rope nets are ideally suited for use as climbing supports for façade greening.


Transparent design and safety for balustrades

The wire mesh Webnet lets you design balustrades that are both safe and beautiful.

Protection and Safety

Safety – a basic human need

Safety is important for every building, new and old. Jakob Rope System supplies a variety of safety and protection solutions for any use case.

Sports and Fun

From aesthetic ball stop nettings to creative playgrounds with products by Jakob Rope Systems.

Net a goal with Jakob Rope Systems. Architects and designers love the polyvalent wire mesh as a ball stop fence for sports grounds and halls. For playgrounds, Jakob Rope Systems offers a broad range of products: from fibre rope nets for climbing to our wire nets for safety.

Animal Enclosures

Animal spirits: Transparent and species-appropriate zoo enclosures with Webnet wire mesh

More space, fewer animals – this is the fundamental concept when zoo experts talk about keeping animals in a species-appropriate environment. Our Webnet satisfies the needs of modern zoo enclosures to satisfy both, humans and animals.

Cable Art

Creative cable and net structures

Elegant, flexible and extremely strong: Stainless steel wire ropes and wire rope nets such as Webnet by Jakob Rope Systems are ideal materials for breath-taking art installations.