Animal enclosure made with mesh and ropes

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Animal Enclosures

Webnet allows to meet the demands of architecture and species-appropriate enclosures.

More space, fewer animals – this is the fundamental concept when zoo experts talk about keeping animals in a species-appropriate environment. That means the greatest challenge here is meeting both the need humans have to observe animals at close range and the need animals have to live in an environment suitable for them.

The robust wire rope net, Webnet, enables the realization of the typically delicate and individualized solutions which meet both the needs of humans as well as those of the animals. The objective is to provide not only the animals, but also the visitors a diverse environment. In other words, a solution is sought that has a long service life, is nearly invisible, yet is also sufficiently robust.

Jakob Rope Systems supplies both materials and know-how to create functional yet architecturally sophisticated animal enclosures. The nets used are woven of flexible wire ropes. Their advantages are numerous: they enable space-saving designs, offer the highest degree of transparency and visual airiness, guarantee safety for humans and animals and are convincing due to their low maintenance costs and longevity.

Let our references inspire you. Jakob Rope Systems is there for you with competence for the development of innovative solutions. From the planning phase to turnkey job site assembly.

Limitless enclosures

For an architect planning a new animal enclosure, Webnet provides the perfect solution. The system provides virtually limitless scope in the design of landscaped enclosures of any shape, size or complexity.

Aviaries for birds to spread their wings

Delivering a nature-inspired environment for animals, Webnet is made of weather-resistant stainless steel rope that replaces traditional cages with a light and transparent structure that is also safe and secure. The lightness of Webnet allows the creation of aviaries big enough for birds to fly.

Turnkey solutions

Jakob Rope Systems provides a complete turnkey solution, or you can choose from our range of services which includes consulting, planning, engineering and assembly. We design solutions individually for every project and can build on our rich experience with animal enclosures around the world.

Committed to animal welfare

Jakob Rope Systems closely works together with zoo experts from around the world, to learn more about the needs of animals and how to build better habitats for them. As a member of WAZA, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the European Association EAZA and the association of Zoos in the German-speaking countries VdZ we support research into new animal-friendly zoos that benefit animals and the public.


Catalog Forte (PDF)

The Forte product line combines high-quality ropes and tension rod systems. This creates a wide range of combinable components with uniform dimensions.

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Catalog Webnet (PDF)

Pliable, transparent grid structures made of stainless steel wire rope. Our Jakob Webnet program presents countless application possibilities.

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Catalog Webnet Zoo References (PDF)

Animal spirits: Building zoo enclosures with Webnet. On 31 pages we show you the latest applications.

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