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From aesthetic ball stop nettings to creative playgrounds with products by Jakob Rope Systems.

Net a goal with Jakob Rope Systems. Architects and designers love the polyvalent wire mesh as a ball stop fence for sports grounds and halls. For playgrounds, Jakob Rope Systems offers a broad range of products: from fibre rope nets for climbing to our wire nets for safety.

Webnet products have countless applications in the realm of sports. Ball stop fences with Webnet, for example, have many advantages over common wire-mesh fences: they are almost invisible, create no noise when a ball hits the net, and the stainless steel structure is virtually maintenance free. In gymnasiums, Webnet can protect lights and other installations on the ceiling from the impact of balls.


Jakob Webnet N2 CatalogueWebnet N2

Pliable, transparent grid structures made of stainless steel wire rope. On 84 pages, the Jakob Webnet N2 programme presents countless application possibilities.

Webnet Sports Brochure CoverWebnet Sports Brochure

The talented wire mesh Webnet is ideally suited for manifold purposes on playgrounds and ball stop fences.


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