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09. November 2023
ETA certificate for Forte rope tension parts

The rope tension parts in our Forte product line have been awarded the ETA seal of approval. This certifies the tensile limit values of our Forte components.

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20. October 2023
Green facade with integrated fire protection

For the greening of a listed building, our customer Hydroplant developed a solution with GreenTrellis tendril structure and integrated fire protection.

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05. October 2023
LivingRope: Plants on a rope

LivingRope is a wire rope construction from which planters are suspended and watered fully automatically. This new system solves the question of how to realize a facade greening with the fastest possible result.

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03. October 2023
Webnet protects sports field on roof

For the fencing of the rooftop sports field at New York's St. Lukes School, the architects chose Webnet. This creates a high-quality combination of security and transparency.

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28. August 2023
Webnet facade combines art and safety

Jakob Webnet spans the facade of a new parking lot at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney. The project combines safety and aesthetics. A colorful artwork is integrated as part of the design.

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21. August 2023
GreenBlock: High-load bracket for ETICS facades

For the greening of insulated facades Jakob Rope Systems has developed the thermally separated high-load bracket GreenBlock. This allows the trellis structures Webnet and GreenTrellis to be optimally pre-installed and also retrofitted.


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