21. September 2021

Webnet Evo: New patterns for architecture

Lively shapes and clear lines. Webnet Evo brings new structures to architecture. With this, architects and designers use complex mesh patterns and designs for a wide range of architectural applications. This creates more design freedom for the integration of stainless steel mesh in exterior and interior areas.

Anyone visiting Jakob Rope Systems in Trubschachen will experience the effect of the new Webnet Evo directly in the entrance area. The entrance leads via a two-storey staircase up to the office level. The new mesh structure has been installed on the interior walls here since summer 2020. The stainless steel meshes bring a lively pattern with interesting lines to the walls. A visual wow effect right from the first steps of the company premises.

Dorothea Drayer is the creative mind behind the new product. The civil engineer developed Webnet Evo. For this purpose, she created a parametric model with which new and more complex net patterns are virtually calculated from the classic Webnet structure and then constructed. Dorothea also supervised the installation of the new net structure in the entrance area of Jakob Rope Systems. "The entrance area is an ideal location for the presentation of the new Webnet Evo," she says. "Challenging interior walls that run in an interlocking geometry over a two-storey staircase. This is where our new product can prove its worth, both visually and in terms of quality."


In the stairwell, Dorothea Drayer climbs a few steps, runs a hand over the shiny wire ropes and checks the tension of the nets, which have now been installed for several months. "Our fitters have tied the nets in precisely and evenly. The tension across the entire surface of the nested interior facade is also good." For the installation, the Webnet Evo was cut exactly to size and delivered. This facilitated installation on site, as no adjustments were required by the fitters. The curves on the interior walls were also taken into account when cutting. The product and the first installation convinced the developer. That is why the time has now come for the market launch of the new Webnet Evo.

Design possibilities for architects, designers and builders

For architects, designers and builders, Webnet Evo brings new design possibilities for exterior facades and interiors. The patterns of Webnet Evo are lively and reminiscent of organic structures such as honeycombs and waves. They can be used to visually enhance dull walls, a wide variety of interior areas and room partitions. Webnet Evo extends the existing form of the classic Webnet, which tends to offer a strict and uniform pattern. This makes it possible to use completely new and previously unused net patterns for architectural applications. Architects are thus given more creative freedom and exclusive design elements. The integration of Jakob stainless steel mesh also provides them with an extremely high-quality design material that is weather-resistant and requires little maintenance. No corrosion and no costly cleaning at recurring intervals, as is the case with glass surfaces or walls sprayed with graffiti, for example.

The basis for Webnet Evo is the classic Jakob Webnet: a construction of stainless steel cables, two of which lie parallel in staggered sleeves and bend each other. The flexible, transparent net structures are multifunctional and extremely durable. Like the classic Webnet, Webnet Evo is suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications, supplemented by the advantage of new design patterns: as a guide net or design element on staircases, as railing fillings, room dividers, as greenable climbing structures for plants or ball catching net and fence construction.

Initially, Webnet Evo will be available with a choice of five different patterns. Each pattern can be selected again with two sub-variants of the mesh size. Thus, each pattern can be scaled differently – large or small meshes. Jakob made this initial selection during the final development phase of Webnet Evo with feedback from the market and based on initial customer requests. "In this way, we want to bring Webnet Evo as close as possible to the needs of users at market launch," says Dorothea Drayer.

Just like the classic Webnet, Jakob Rope Systems produces the Webnet Evo from stainless steel ropes in its own production facility in Vietnam. Each net is carefully handmade to individual dimensions. This allows for the most flexible production of a precise and high-quality product for a wide range of applications.

"The applications for the new Webnet Evo are broad," Dorothea Drayer concludes. "With Webnet Evo, we also want to open up an experimental space for users that goes beyond the classic Webnet patterns. We are excited to see what possibilities architects will discover in Webnet Evo. The development of further patterns in collaboration with architects is also conceivable."

Finde here all technical information about Webnet Evo:

Webnet Evo nominated for design award

In September 2021 Webnet Evo was nominated for the Design Prize Switzerland 2021 in the category textiles. The prize honours Swiss designers, companies, institutions and producers who are active in Switzerland or abroad. Products, projects, services and concepts from economically relevant design disciplines are awarded.

The nominators of the Design Prize Switzerland assessed Webnet Evo with these words: "What is particularly remarkable, however, is the cleverly devised method, located between design and technology, on the basis of which the net variants were created. It holds great design potential."