27. June 2022

Arc Award nominates Jakob Saigon

Our Green Factory in Saigon has been nominated for the Arc Award 2022 . With this architecture award, the Schweizer Baudokumentation annually honors outstanding buildings. Find here the online voting.

To reduce energy consumption and emissions, we are using a construction principle of naturally ventilated rooms and green facades for our new factory building in Vietnam. Ropes and stainless steel nets from our own production are used.

As part of our manufacturing, we use energy and resources as sustainably as possible. Our factory in Saigon has photovoltaic systems, energy-efficient air conditioning systems and innovative technologies. We will cover 100 percent of our electricity requirements in Saigon with solar energy from 2022. We have gradually expanded the photovoltaics installed at the manufacturing site to roof and site areas. We use it to produce around 1 million kWh of electricity per year.

The claim of our Green Factory in Saigon is to offer a structural engineering solution designed for a humid tropical climate. At the same time, the high demand for electrical energy for cooling our production rooms is to be reduced as far as possible. We meet this goal with a combination of sustainable architecture, modern building materials and green facades. Compared with conventional industrial sites in Vietnam, we reduce our energy requirements by up to 100 percent annually.

Vote now for the Arc Award 2022:

You can still vote for our factory in Saigon at the Arc Award Voting until 19.08.2022. We are nominated in the category "Audience Award: Arc Award of the Hearts". Every vote counts. Click here to go to the online voting.


Learn more about our Green Factory in Saigon here.