14. December 2022

Bright Ropes spread festive glow

Completely without electricity, Bright Ropes provide special lighting atmosphere in cities and municipalities. Made of stainless steel ropes, they could be a supplement to conventional Christmas lighting in cities.

The initial situation: Rising costs for lighting

Since this winter, many cities and municipalities have been looking at ways to operate their Christmas lighting with reduced energy consumption. Some cities are upgrading to modern LED lighting for this purpose. Other cities are reducing the lighting times of their Christmas lights to 4 to 10 p.m. each night. A few cities even want to do without the festive lights altogether. But it doesn't have to come to that.

"The current electricity situation gave us the idea of developing an alternative to conventional Christmas lighting”, explains Fabian Graber, Head of Technology and Engineering at Jakob Rope Systems. So the ropemakers in Trubschachen began tinkering with stainless steel ropes. The Bright Ropes were finally developed from various test series. 2 to 3 meter long rope sections, which are twisted into fine wire fans. Stainless steel plates are attached to the wires.

(The images used here are visualizations. Our Bright Ropes have not yet been installed.)

The solution: Quickly hung and without electricity

Suspended in an environment with street lights and illuminated shop windows, Bright Ropes reflect existing lights and give streets and squares a festive mood. Depending on the light sources and light colors in the environment, interesting moods and reflections are created. In addition, when wind passes through the fine wire fans, a delicate rustling sound can be heard. The sound play and the intensity of the reflections can be strengthened or weakened depending on the number of stainless steel plates.

"The installation of the Bright Ropes should be as simple as possible on site," emphasizes Fabian Graber. The rope fans do not require electricity. For their suspension, suspension ropes and anchors are used that are already available in many places from the classic Christmas lighting. With this approach, the Bright Ropes are a cost-saving addition or even alternative that can be hung up quickly and taken down again quickly after events and holidays. Fabian Graber adds that it is also possible to test their effect on a selective basis without great effort.

The advantages:

  • Currentless supplement and alternative to existing lighting by reflection of existing light sources
  • Unique atmosphere and sound effects depending on the environment and existing light intensity and light color
  • Quick and easy installation on existing suspension cables and anchor points
  • Weatherproof stainless steel material makes long-lasting application possible
  • Resource-saving production from residual ropes and sections from the Trubschachen wire rope factory


Photos: Severin Jakob
Visualizations: Micha Lips


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