Protection and Safety

Safety – a basic human need that plays a key role in every building, new or old. Jakob Rope Systems provides security solutions for every use.

We want to go on top: on lookouts and monuments. We want a free view: in the stadium or from the roof terrace. We want high-density housing without limiting our freedom. Architects and builders must meet security standards but do not want to compromise on the beauty of their designs. Heritage organizations have high demands to protect the appearance of historical buildings.

With the Webnet, Jakob Rope Systems has the solution for these manifold requirements to modern safety systems. It is a suitable safety net for lookouts, in stadiums and staircases which is functional, reliable and beautiful without dominating the appearance. The stainless steel mesh adapts to any geometry and can be painted in any color of the RAL specter. Its use as a horizontal and vertical fall protection is approved by the German Institute of Structural Engineering (DIBt). And since it consists of high-grade stainless steel, it is durable and resistant to corrosion at minimal maintenance costs.

Classic applications of Webnet as a safety net include fences and barriers, balcony railings, vertical safety nets on lookout platforms and horizontal fall preventions around helipads.

Vertical safety nets

Vertical safety nets out of Webnet are often used as fall prevention or additional protection. They supply reliable safety for balconies, galleries or outdoor terraces with a minimal impact on free sight. The elegance of the stainless steel mesh integrates extremely well into many architectural styles. Coloring options and the many varieties of wire diameters make the mesh fully adaptable to the needs of the project.

Horizontal safety nets

Horizontal safety nets with Webnet provide efficient and beautiful protection against falls. The high translucency of the net makes it almost transparent and let natural light shine through.

Horizontal protection netting

Webnet is an affordable and efficient solution for large-scale protection nets against falling objects. Up to six meters width and eight meters height, no additional supporting ropes are required, which makes the structures elegant in appearance. Thanks to its high translucency, Webnet lets enough sunlight pass through and is almost invisible. This effect can be increased by the choice of the appropriate cable dimension, the use of the sleeveless variety and a spectral colorization.

Safety for monuments

On monuments with great crowd sizes, safety without compromising the free sight, is essential. Webnet fulfils the many exigencies that are made on a safety net for monuments: it is low in maintenance, provides a free view and does not have a negative visual impact on the historic buildings.

Helipad safety nets

On landing platforms for helicopters, a strong and reliable safety netting is required, as strong winds can occur during take-offs and landings. Jakob Rope Systems has fitted numerous helipads with surrounding safety nets, that prevent from falls and require little maintenance.


Brochure Structural measures to ­safeguard buildings (PDF)

Structural security solutions for buildings, bridges, towers, viewing platforms and railway systems.

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Catalog Webnet (PDF)

Pliable, transparent grid structures made of stainless steel wire rope. Our Jakob Webnet program presents countless application possibilities.

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Catalog Frames F2 Technical (PDF)

The Webnet Frames programme is presented in two parts. In the Frames F2 Technical brochure, we show you the products and provide technical information.

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Catalog Frames F2 References (PDF)

The Webnet Frames programme is presented in two parts. In the Frames F2 References brochure, you will find many real-world applications.

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Catalog Webnet Bridge References (PDF)

Active and passive protection assets for bridges with Webnet are persuasively timeless in design.

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Catalog Webnet Safety References (PDF)

Safety and protection systems with Webnet are timeless in their design.

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