For over 115 years, Jakob Rope Systems produces Swiss quality ropes and cables. Our product range covers all aspects of rope and cable constructions: from traditional hemp and fibre ropes to galvanized steel cables, completed by a comprehensive range of hoisting and lifting accessories. Our stainless steel cables and the wire mesh Webnet have become household names among architects and builders and set new standards for the industry. 

A selection of Jakob stainless steel architectural ropes and fittings
Architectural Ropes

High quality ropes, end terminations and accessories made of stainless steel.

Wire ropes can absorb tensile forces extremely well and are easy to handle and cost-efficient. They can be used for many architectural applications like suspension structures, facade greenings or balustrade infills.

Detail of the stainless steel mesh Webnet by Jakob Rope Systems

The versatile stainless steel wire rope net with exceptional tensile resilience and flexibility.

Webnet is a stainless steel wire mesh structure that is elegant, flexible and extremely robust at the same time. The versatile net is mainly used as a safety net, for facade greening and for balustrades, but there are countless other applications.

Webnet Frame in front of concrete wall.

Webnet Frames offer timeless design alongside functionality and safety.

Frames consist of Webnet pre-installed into stainless steel profiles, making installation quick and easy.

Climbing plant on stainless steel rope

Facade greening has gained a new dimension with Jakob GreenSolutions.

GreenSolutions is our range of stainless steel wire ropes, Webnet meshes, connectors and end stops assembled for facade greening. We offer standardized cable sets as well as support and services for greening of any size.


The stainless steel plant support for a perfect greening

GreenKit is a complete set of cables, spacers and accessories for the creation of beautiful greenings. GreenKit offers much green for little cost: cables and spaces are made from marine grade stainless steel. The high quality materials and production guarantee a long life and a successful support for your greening, indoors and outdoors.

Hoisting and lifting hooks and gear
Hoisting and Lifting

Hoisting, lifting, tensioning, securing – professional competence and experience.

We offer a complete range covering classic rope and hoisting technology. In addition to the suitable ropes and cables, we also offer a broad selection of accessories.

Habegger HIT-TRAC 16
Habegger Cable Hoists

The most reliable hand and motor cable hoists ever made.

When heavy loads have to be moved safely and cost-effectively, original Habegger products are the first choice.