New York, USA, 2022

Webnet protects sports field on roof

For the fencing of the rooftop sports field at New York's St. Lukes school, the architects chose Webnet. This creates a high-quality combination of security and transparency.

Initial situation and concept:

In New York, many schools lack open space to install playgrounds and sports facilities in their surrounding areas. An alternative space exists on the roofs of school buildings. Here, generous areas for sports and play can be established and enclosed with barriers and fencing.

New York's St. Luke's School wanted to secure and enclose its rooftop sports field with a large-scale fence. To create a high-quality solution, Webnet was chosen. In the application realized here, the stainless steel mesh combines the greatest possible security and transparency.

Webnet is approved by building authorities as a protective net against falling. And as a ball catcher net on the roof of the school, it allows a unique view over the rooftops of New York. At the same time, the stainless steel net remains silent when a ball hits it. A significant advantage over wire mesh fencing.

Design and implementation:

The entire roofing of the sports field is clad with Webnet stainless steel mesh. Webnet elements are also stretched over a large area on the two front sides. Fence elements with Inviss-C frames are placed around the rest of the roof area. The design was developed by the architects of Marble Fairbanks. The installation (metal construction and Webnet integration) was carried out by H&L Ironworks.

Jakob Rope Systems delivered the Webnet elements and Inviss-C frames from the factory with a perfect fit. This meant that the installation on site could be carried out as smoothly as possible.

Details and geometry:

  • Fence elements – Inviss-C (40 x 40 mm), with Webnet (rope Ø 1.5 mm, mesh size 40 mm)
  • Railing/staircase areas – Inviss-C (30 x 30) mm, with Webnet (rope Ø 1.5 mm, mesh size 40 mm)
  • Roof with Webnet (rope Ø 1.5 mm, mesh size 60 mm) and ropes (8 mm) with Vissline external thread and suspension rope clamps


(Fotos: Tom Sibley)