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From aesthetic ball stop nettings to creative playgrounds with products by Jakob Rope Systems.

Net a goal with Jakob Rope Systems. Architects and designers love the polyvalent wire mesh as a ball stop fence for sports grounds and halls. For playgrounds, Jakob Rope Systems offers a broad range of products: from fibre rope nets for climbing to our wire nets for safety.

Webnet products have countless applications in the realm of sports. Ball stop fences with Webnet, for example, have many advantages over common wire-mesh fences: they are almost invisible, create no noise when a ball hits the net, and the stainless steel structure is virtually maintenance free. In gymnasiums, Webnet can protect lights and other installations on the ceiling from the impact of balls.

Ball stop fences

Ball stop fences are rarely built with a focus on design. With the stainless steel mesh Webnet, however, designers do not have compromise on beauty for efficiency. The mesh is virtually invisible, noiseless and corrosion-free, making it an ideal material for ball catchers. Thanks to an improved design developed by Jakob Rope Systems, two mesh sizes within the same net are possible, reducing costs while increasing stability and functionality.

Invisible ball stop fences with Jakob Rope Systems wire mesh Webnet


Fibre ropes, steel cables, fibre nets and the stainless steel mesh Webnet allow designers of playgrounds a vast choice to create landscapes for children that are fun and safe. The mix of different materials is also a haptic experience for the children.

Jakob Rope Systems nets and meshes for playground design


In stadia, ice halls and large sport complexes, safety and a free sight are key requirements. With the stainless steel net Webnet, architects can use a durable, certified safety net that is as translucent as possible. The net meets the security norms for handling large amounts of visitors and at the same time is extremely unimposing and elegant.

Jakob Rope Systems produces and install security nets and fences in stadia

Ball protection nets

Webnet can be used as a protection net for walls and ceilings inside gymnasia and sport halls. The net reliably protects technical installations from ball hits. Thus, there is no need for expensive ball-proof lighting or other technical installations. The elegant look of the stainless steel can also be integrated into the interior architecture.

Jakob Rope Systems Webnet wire mesh protection for stage technology

Rope parks

Rope parks are a fun entertainment for the whole family. Different levels of difficulty allow beginners and expert climbers a unique experience of seeing the world from the treetops. For tyroliennes, climbing nets, ladders and other daring exercises, Jakob Rope Systems provides the solution.

Jakob Rope Systems ropes and cables for climbing and rope parks


Jakob Webnet N2 CatalogueWebnet N2

(Art. Nr. 90001-42) Pliable, transparent grid structures made of stainless steel wire rope. On 84 pages, the Jakob Webnet N2 programme presents countless application possibilities.

Webnet Sports Brochure CoverWebnet Sports Brochure

The talented wire mesh Webnet is ideally suited for manifold purposes on playgrounds and ball stop fences.


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