From the apprentice to the CEO: we are a team! This enables us to serve our customers the best possible way.

Portrait Adrian Haas
Adrian Haas
Portrait Adrian Krähenbühl
Adrian Krähenbühl
Sales Architecture
Portrait Alfred Beer
Alfred Beer
Portrait Alfred Beer
Alfred Beer
Sales Hoisting and Lifting
Portrait Alisha Zaugg
Alisha Zaugg
Apprentice Business Administration
Portrait Andreas Fahrni
Andreas Fahrni
Portrait Andreas Zürcher
Andreas Zürcher
Portrait Anita Emmenegger
Anita Emmenegger
Communications and Marketing
Portait Antonio Buccolo
Antonio Buccolo
Portrait Armin Trachsel
Armin Trachsel
Portrait Azelina Staerkle
Azelina Staerkle
Apprentice Business Administration Habegger
Portrait Beat Kobel
Beat Kobel
Sales Architecture
Portrait Beatrice Niederhauser
Beatrice Niederhauser
Portrait Boris Röthlisberger
Boris Röthlisberger
Portrait Bruno Wüthrich
Bruno Wüthrich
Portrait Catja Engel
Catja Engel
Portrait Chinika Jeyaseelan
Chinika Jeyaseelan
Sales Architecture
Portrait Christian Stettler
Christian Stettler
Portrait Christan Zaugg
Christian Zaugg
Portrait Christoph Aeschbacher
Christoph Aeschbacher
Sales Architecture
Portrait Claudia Wüthrich
Claudia Wüthrich
Sales Hoisting and Lifting
Portrait Claudio Gerber
Claudio Gerber
Deputy Head Production Habegger
Portrait Cornelia Gafner
Cornelia Gafner
Portrait David Bärtschi
David Bärtschi
Portrait Deborah Fankhauser
Deborah Fankhauser
Portrait Dominic Klossner
Dominic Klossner
Sales Architecture
Portrait Dominique Brügger
Dominique Brügger
Portrait Dorothea Drayer
Dorothea Drayer
Portrait Fabian Scheidegger
Fabian Scheidegger
Portrait Finn
Portrait Flurina Haag
Flurina Haag
Sales Architecture
Portrait Fritz Stettler
Fritz Stettler
Portrait Fritz Zaugg
Fritz Zaugg
Portrait Hanspeter Wyss
Hanspeter Wyss
Portrait Hans Beyeler
Hans Beyeler
Sales Architecture
Portrait Hans Eichenberger
Hans Eichenberger
Portrait Heinz Jegerlehner
Heinz Jegerlehner
Sales Archiecture
Portrait Heinz Wittwer
Heinz Wittwer
Portrait Irene Fankhauser
Irene Fankhauser
Sales / Marketing Habegger
Portrait Ivan Brechbühl
Ivan Brechbühl
Sales Hoisting and Lifting
Portrait Jan Aebi
Jan Aebi
Sales Habegger
Portrait Johann Dummermuth
Johann Dummermuth
Portrait Joshua Kobel
Joshua Kobel
Portrait Jürg Wittwer
Jürg Wittwer
Portrait Julia Berger
Julia Berger
Sales Hoisting and Lifting
Portrait Julia Schwab
Julia Schwab
Apprentice Business Administration
Portrait Juliana Salzmann
Juliana Salzmann
Sales Habegger
Portrait Karin Eichenberger
Karin Eichenberger
Office Assistant
Portrait Karin Zürcher-Roth
Karin Zürcher-Roth
Portrait Kim Bayer
Kim Bayer
Apprentice Business Administration
Portrait Konstantin Kuehner
Dr. Konstantin Kühner
Krystyna Motyl
Portrait Leandro Grisolia
Leandro Grisolia
Apprentice Business Administration
Portrait Liridon Rexhaj
Liridon Rexhaj
Portrait Lydia Lazar
Lydia Lazar
Reception Desk
Portrait Marcel Habegger
Marcel Habegger
Portrait Marcel Meier
Marcel Meier
Sales Hoisting and Lifting
Portrait Markus Flükiger
Markus Flükiger
IT Administration
Portrait Markus Hofer
Markus Hofer
Portrait Markus Kipfer
Markus Kipfer
Markus Schaffer
Portrait Marlis Zehnder
Marlis Zehnder
Reception Desk
Portrait Massimo Corciulo
Massimo Corciulo
Portrait Matthias Zürcher
Matthias Zürcher
Melanie Brechbühl
Portrait Melanie Niederhauser
Melanie Niederhauser
Sales Architecture
Portrait Micha Lips
Micha Lips
Communications & Marketing
Portrait Michael Offermann
Michael Offermann
Communications & Marketing
Portrait Michael von Bergen
Michael von Bergen
Portrait Michael Zimmermann
Michael Zimmermann
Portrait Mitchel Cifuentes
Mitchel Cifuentes
Portrait Nadine Hofstetter
Nadine Hofstetter
Portrait Nathanael Hunziker
Nathanael Hunziker
Portrait Patrick Schulthess
Dr. Patrick Schulthess
Portrait Paul Katzenmeier
Paul Katzenmeier
Apprentice Business Administration
Portrait Reto Kobel
Reto Kobel
Head Production
Portrait Reto Ziebold
Reto Ziebold
Portrait Rijiyanka Kunabalasingam
Rijiyanka Kunabalasingam
Sales Architecture
Portrait Roger Wegmüller
Roger Wegmüller
Portrait Roland Lehmann
Roland Lehmann
Portrait Samuel Lüthi
Samuel Lüthi
Portrait Samuel Zürcher
Samuel Zürcher
Sales Architecture
Portrait Sebastian Strub
Sebastian Strub
Sales Architecture
Portrait Samira Wüthrich
Samira Wüthrich
Apprentice Business Administration
Portrait Stefan Murpf
Stefan Murpf
Portrait Stefan Weber
Stefan Weber
Portrait Stefan Vetter
Stefan Vetter
Portrait Stefanie Walser
Stefanie Walser
Office Assistant
Portrait Stephan Angst
Stephan Angst
Portrait Thomas Fuchser
Thomas Fuchser
Head Production Habegger
Portrait Thomas Gerber
Thomas Gerber
Head Technology Habegger
Portrait Thomas Zürcher
Thomas Zürcher
Portrait Tibor Jakob
Tibor Jakob
Portrait Tim Wüthrich
Tim Wüthrich
Office Assistant
Portrait Timon Ramseier
Timon Ramseier
Portrait Tobias Singer
Tobias Singer
Technology Habegger
Portrait Urs Kohler
Urs Kohler
Portrait Werner Fankhauser
Werner Fankhauser
Portrait Werner Rösti
Werner Rösti