04. October 2022

Photovoltaics in Trubschachen and Saigon

Since May 2022, Jakob Rope Systems has been covering around 75 percent of its electricity requirements in Trubschachen with solar power from modern photovoltaic systems. At our site in Saigon, we already manufacture with 100 percent solar power.

We used the spring of 2022 to expand our existing photovoltaics at the company site in Trubschachen. Now all our roof areas are fully equipped with modern photovoltaic systems. With this, we want to achieve a total solar power output of up to 350,000 kWh per year. If the sun means well, then already starting this year.

Our electricity requirements at the site currently amount to around 450,000 kWh per year. This means that our photovoltaic systems will cover 75 percent of our electricity needs in the future. This is a good balance sheet that we are very proud of at our Swiss site.

In Vietnam, we will be covering 100 percent of our electricity requirements with solar energy starting this year. We have gradually extended the photovoltaics installed at the Saigon production site to roof and site areas. We use it to produce around 1 million kWh of electricity per year.

Architecture Awards for Jakob Saigon

In 2022, we are pleased to receive two awards for the architecture of our manufacturing site in Saigon:

In order to reduce energy consumption and emissions, our new factory building in Vietnam relies on a construction principle of naturally ventilated rooms, photovoltaics and completely greened facades. Ropes and stainless steel nets from our production are used for this.

For the development of sustainable and future-proof architecture at our sites in Switzerland and Vietnam, we work together with the architects of rollimarchini AG and g8a Architects. Our thanks also go to them for the successful implementation to date.