21. August 2023

GreenBlock: High-load bracket for ETICS facades

For the greening of insulated facades Jakob Rope Systems has developed the thermally separated high-load bracket GreenBlock. This allows the trellis structures Webnet and GreenTrellis to be optimally pre-installed and also retrofitted.

The energy-efficient refurbishment of buildings offers great opportunities. Anyone who renovates sensibly can reduce the heating requirements and CO2 emissions of their property by up to 60 percent. Homeowners thus reduce heating costs, create more living comfort and increase the value of their property.

Very often, after the completion of energy renovations of buildings, plans arise for the greening of the externally insulated facades. In order to install the necessary climbing structures of ropes and nets for this purpose, anchors must be installed through the insulation of the facade. To date, this has required extensive breaking open of sections of the renovated facade. This retrofit results in considerable additional work and subsequent sealing.

In addition, the anchorages available on the market to date are usually only designed for low bearing loads, which limits the options for greening. It's high time, then, to develop a new solution that carries very high forces, is easy to install, does not compromise the insulating properties of the facade, and allows for a variety of upstream and downstream greening systems.

High load anchoring on insulation thicknesses from 120 to 260 millimeters

Jakob Rope Systems has developed the new GreenBlock from precisely these customer needs. The high load bracket solves the subsequent anchoring of trellis structures on externally insulated facades. With the GreenBlock 125 and 160 versions, the console will be compatible for the GreenTrellis (GreenBlock 125) and Webnet (GreenBlock 160) systems. Owners and builders thus save costs and effort in the case of subsequently planned facade greening. It is also possible to install the GreenBlock in advance on new buildings or during the renovation of existing buildings.

Users can use the GreenBlock for ETICS facades with an insulation thickness of 120 to 260 millimeters. Depending on the insulation thickness, the base body of the GreenBlock is available in different sizes. This creates a variable solution that optimally bridges the insulation level and transfers high loads with the anchoring in the concrete substrate. The thermally insulated structure of the GreenBlock prevents heat loss and condensation on the insulated facade.

Assembly in a few steps

It is possible to assemble the GreenBlock in a few steps: Open facade, anchor GreenBlock to concrete and close facade again. This in a short assembly time, which is done on site in one pass.

The round design of the GreenBlock enables milling into the facade. This is a significant advantage over saws with a square design. The base body of the GreenBlock is inserted into the cylindrical opening of the facade using threaded rods and composite mortar. On top of it comes the spacer - which is thermally separated. A cover plate closes and seals the GreenBlock to the outside.

The connections for the Webnet (customized trellis system for medium to large-scale greening) and Green Trellis (modular trellis system for partial and large-scale greening) greening systems are made via the screw positions on GreenBlock 160 and 125.

Overview and technical details

Easy installation of the high-load bracket on ETICS facades


Assembly instructions: GreenBlock 125 (PDF)

Assembly Instruction for the GreenBlock 125. Heavy-duty bracket for the greening of insulated facades.

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Assembly Instruction: GreenBlock 160 (PDF)

Assembly Instruction for the GreenBlock 160. Heavy-duty bracket for the greening of insulated facades.

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Catalog Green Solutions G2 References (PDF)

The program is presented in two parts. In the GreenSolutions reference brochure, you will find many real-world applications that show you the potential of greening.

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Catalog GreenSolutions G2 Technical (PDF)

The program is presented in two parts. The catalog GreenSolutions Technical contains all wire rope products with their technical information for your greening project.

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