Bern, Switzerland, 2021

Securing and roof maintenance

On the roofs of Bern

For three years now, our hoisting and lifting department has been able to install and maintain fall protection systems on various buildings for a customer with properties in Bern.

Jakob Rope Systems implemented an initial project for the customer in summer 2018. Our technicians installed horizontal running guards on three connected buildings. In addition to standard products, custom-made products such as struts from our own metalworking shop were also used.

Since then, we have been performing annual roof maintenance on a total of seven properties in the city of Bern. The maintenance work carried out by Jakob Rope Systems includes: the inspection of running protections, ladders, struts up to the cleaning of roof runs.

In spring 2021, our rope workers installed safety hooks at a lofty height on a steep roof in Bern's Kirchenfeld district so that the roof can be inspected safely and annual maintenance work such as cleaning gutters can be carried out safely.

Jakob services

Analysis and consulting on system design, assembly and maintenance
Installation of fall protection
Installation of running guards
Annual maintenance + inspection for roof maintenance / PPE
Individual customer training (PSA / PSAgA)