31. October 2022

Jakob builds suspension bridge in Disentis

Another bridge construction project with which we are able to demonstrate our expertise in rope and lightweight structures to small and large spans.

Graubünden's longest suspension bridge will soon be built at Disentis/Mustér. With a length of almost 300 meters and a ground distance of 100 meters, the suspension bridge will create a spectacular footpath from Mumpé Medel to Disentis/Mustér across the deep, narrow Rhine gorge here. From a tourist point of view, the suspension bridge will then connect two waypoints of the historic track over the Lukmanierpass.

The ARGE Jakob Rope Systems / Pfeifer / Von Rotz & Wiedemar AG has been awarded the contract for the complete solution of this suspension bridge. The offer includes planning, fabrication and assembly. For Jakob Rope Systems it is another bridge construction project with which we can prove our competence for rope and lightweight structures to small and large spans.

Jakob Rope Systems designed the construction of the suspension bridge and will carry out the construction planning. The construction will fit filigree into the landscape. The bridge structure is formed by six suspension ropes (Ø 45 mm) below the walkway and two suspension ropes at handrail level. Two ropes (Ø 26 mm, Forte) are used for bracing. A bracing structure consisting of stainless steel ropes and connections reduces unwanted swaying during use, absorbs forces in the event of wind action and prevents major deformations.

The steel frame construction of the bridge girder is suspended from the supporting ropes. Our Webnet with a height of 1.30 meters provides the necessary fall protection as a lateral railing infill and additionally carries loads.

We are very much looking forward to working with the «la pendenta» association.

Visualizations: Micha Lips