Fribourg-Vuille, Switzerland

Customised for easy installation

Apartment block, Fribourg-Vuille

Webnet Frames Inviss make for elegant security solutions and easy installation

The railings of the surrounding terraces, the fire escape and other railings are made out of 1500 square metres of Webnet. The easy and quick installation on site is guaranteed by the Inviss system: the Webnet is already mounted in slotted steel tubes in our production plant. Hence there is no need to thread it in with ropes on the installation site.

On demand, Jakob Rope Systems realises custom designs with Webnet-Frames and Inviss tubes. In this example, two slotted steel tubes span the net horizontally, while rods span it vertically. The prefabricated meshes had only to be installed into the supports with frame clamps.

Jakob products

Webnet, with horizontal tubes slotted (System Inviss) and vertical rods, 1500 square metres