London, United Kingdom

Webnet greenings for schools

Hillyfield Primary Academy

It is proven that a close contact with nature boosts creativity. This greening on a primary school in north-east London brings nature to the pupils

Hillyfield Primary Academy is a green school in the literally sense. Webnet meshes between the wood clad projections create a plant support and thereby a partly green façade. V-shaped plant supports in between provide additional green on the schoolyard. Through the glass façade, the students get a glimpse of the façade greening’s backside.

Besides aesthetic gains, the greening also has practical benefits: it provides shadow for the glass façade and offers additional green to the schoolyard. This is vital, especially in urban areas where there is little space for green areas since studies have shown that the look at green plants has a soothing effect and boost creativity.

Jakob products

Webnet Ø 1.5 mm, mesh 60 mm, 156 square metres
Vertical ropes Ø 6 mm
Support ropes Ø 6 mm