Hoher Kasten, Switzerland, 2015

Webnet in the middle of Europe

Europe panorama trail, Hoher Kasten

The 259 metres long walking trail offers magnificient views from the popular mountain in the east of Switzerland. Even untrained hikers can enjoy the panorama thanks to security provided by Jakob Rope System’s Webnet.

The pathway surrounds the peak of the mountain and offers a 360° view on six European countries: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France and Italy. Panorama platforms, an impressive path along the rock and information boards let the visitors immerse into the fascinating world of the mountains. The section along the alpine garden is accessible to wheelchairs.

The Swiss architecture magazine ‘Hochparterre’ awarded the project‘s designer Beat Nipkow a ‘rabbit in bronze’. The jury lauded the low key design, which directs the view on the essential: the impressive panorama. The path achieves this by leading over dramatic slopes and being partly cut into the rock. And everywhere, Webnet provides the necessary security.

Webnet: discreet security

Apart from its aesthetic qualities, the low key architecture also convinced the nature conversation organisations. The stainless steel rope net Webnet is a central part of the concept. The unobtrusive net serves as a railing infill, but has many other possible applications and enhances the options of designers and landscape architects. It is found everywhere, where highest demands are made on security, durability, aesthetics and easy installation. The stainless steel construction is light and resistant to all kinds of weather, but also to the extreme variations of temperature that often occur in the high mountains. It combines high security standards with an almost transparent look. All these properties made Webnet the natural choice for the challenging construction project at 1785 metres above sea level.

Architect: Nipkow landscape architects, Zurich
Builder: Hoher Kasten Drehrestaurant und Seilbahn AG, Brülisau

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Webnet Ø 1.5 mm, mesh 40 mm, 280 square metres